In addition to a full and well rounded classroom curriculum all children ages 2 and up will receive the following enrichment classes included in your tuition. These classes have their own instructors and age appropriate curriculum

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)
  • Children will explore concepts in science, technology, engineering, art and math through hands-on projects, manipulatives and interaction with technology.
  • Our dedicated ‘STEAM Room’ provides computer smart tables, indoor garden tower, science experiments, light tables, math manipulatives and more.
  • Basic health and nutrition will be taught.
  • Children will be exposed to different modalities of exercise through fun and athletic games that reinforce the concepts taught. Activities such as relay races, obstacle courses, and yoga will be offered.
  • We use a Spanish immersion curriculum. 90% of class time will be conducted in Spanish.
  • Curriculum is interactive and hands-on and is taught through props, puppets, music, dance, and art projects.
  • All of our classrooms incorporate movement and music into their classes on a daily basis.
  • Music class during specials time has a more educational component. Students will learn ABOUT music; concepts such as tempo, beat, rests, measures, and the use of different instruments.
  • This class is taught in our gym so that the children have a lot of room to move and explore music.