Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tots program starts at 12 months – 18 months.

Tiny Tots learn best in a safe, loving environment where they can confidently explore the world around them. Our curriculum for this age group is built around the toddlers’ limitless curiosity and their natural desire for exploration.

Buttercups by Funshine is an interactive activity based curriculum built for our Tiny Tots program. This curriculum develops gross and fine motor skills, as well as providing music, language, art, cognitive, social and sensory experiences. Click here for May & June’s lesson plans.

Included in your tuition your child will receive enrichment classes. Gym 2 X a week and Music Education 1 X a week. These are separate instructors and age appropriate curriculum in addition to regular classroom activities.  For a change of scenery and learning environments our little ones will visit our soft play room once a day.  This is an enriching environment that will further stimulate learning. They will also go outside twice a day, weather permitting.

Please contact us to learn more about our programs!