In addition to a full and well rounded classroom curriculum all children ages 3 and up will receive the following enrichment classes included in your tuition. These classes have their own instructors and age appropriate curriculum

  • Computers – 2 times/week
    • Preschool children will learn parts of the computer, how to manipulate the mouse, and play educational games with specific academic objectives using ABCmouse.com
    • Pre-K and Private Kindergarten children will begin learning to open and close files, begin typing word documents, and play more complex educational games with specific academic objectives using ABCmouse.com
  • Spanish – 2 times/week
    • We use a Spanish immersion curriculum. 90% of class time will be conducted in Spanish
    • Curriculum is very interactive and hands on. Curriculum is taught through props, puppets, music, dance, and art projects
  • Gym – 2 times/week for ages 2 and older
    • Basic health and nutrition will be taught
    • The kids will then “Exercise”. Exercise is fun and athletic games that reinforce the concepts taught. They will do activities such as; relay races, obstacle courses, and yoga
  • Music – once weekly for ages 2 and older
    • All of our classrooms incorporate movement and music into their classes on a daily basis
    • Friday music class has a more educational component. They will actually be learning ABOUT music. They will learn things such as; tempo, beats, rests, measures, and different instruments
    • This class is taught in our gym so that the children have a lot of room to move and explore music